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The Key Elements You Should Look For in Motorized Driveway Gates

Residential gates provide security, enhance curb appeal, and boost property value. On top of all those benefits, residential gates can also transform properties without disrupting established home décor. Installing a new gate is a fantastic idea if you are looking for an easy way to redefine your property. Of course, you cannot install any type of gate and expect it to impact your residence positively.

Your new gate can only be an optimal addition if it possesses the qualities that can accentuate the existing elements of your home. Identify the ideal gate for your residence by accounting for the key elements detailed in this article.

The Ideal Material Composition for Your Driveway Gate

The most important point of consideration when choosing any type of gate is its material composition. The material composition of your residential gate affects several aspects of its performance.

The durability of your residential gate will depend largely on its material composition. The material in question should withstand the elements. Its appearance and form should remain intact even if regularly exposed to extreme weather conditions. Residential gates should also hold up against damage caused by vehicles and intruders.

Your choice of material will also affect your gate’s weight. How heavy your gate is matters because it impacts the quality of security it provides. Generally speaking, heavy gates offer better protection. A heavy gate should stay in position even if a speeding vehicle collides with it.

Material choice also affects your gate’s appearance. There is no right or wrong option if you are evaluating a material option based on how its appearance complements the rest of your property. That said, one material may suit the home décor you have established better. Certain materials also feature greater customizability, making them more versatile from a design standpoint.

We would be remiss if we failed to mention the material composition’s impact on how much your new gate will cost. Ensure your new gate’s price tag fits your budget before placing your order.

In all likelihood, you will choose from adding a wooden or metal gate to your property. Learn more about the pros and cons of both options by continuing below.

Wooden Residential Gates

Many homeowners find wooden gates irresistible. They adore the natural appearance of those gates and love how they complement their outdoor landscape and home décor. In terms of design, wooden gates pair nicely with traditional, rustic, and modern décor.

You must also choose a particular type of wood for your new gate. Popular wood options include cedar, fir, oak, and pine. Choosing cedar for your residential gate allows you to take advantage of its standout qualities.

According to Home Advisor, cedar is resistant to moisture, mold, and insect damage. It is arguably the best option available if you value durability in wooden gates the most. Unsurprisingly, cedar gates also last for a long time. They can last for twenty years if they are properly maintained.

Cedar should also be your choice if you want an eco-friendly gate that is easy to install. You can also look at your cedar gate as a long-term investment. That new fixture can increase your property value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Metal Residential Gates

Let’s now discuss the prospect of adding a metal gate to your residence. Metal gates excel in durability, security, and customizability compared to their wooden counterparts.

The customizability of metal gates is an especially important point to highlight because you are not getting that from the wooden fixtures. You can integrate custom elements into your metal gate to make it unique to your property. Given how customizable metal gates are, the final product is only limited by your imagination and budget.

We should also mention how easy metal gates are to maintain relative to the wooden alternatives. Apart from regular cleaning, wooden gates also require either staining or sealing. You do not need to worry about those additional tasks if you have a metal residential gate. Simple cleaning with soap and warm water works for most metal gates.

So, which specific type of metal gate should you choose for your home? A new wrought iron gate should be the top option on your list.

Wrought iron features top-notch durability. It is also one of the easiest metal gates to install and maintain. This type of gate can also significantly increase your home’s property value.

The distinctive appearance of wrought iron is also a key reason it has become popular. Other materials cannot replicate the unique look of wrought iron. You can also customize wrought iron to showcase your design ideas.

The Ideal Style for Your Gate

Now that you have sorted out the material composition for your residential gate, it is time to focus on what style it will feature. We are specifically talking about how your new gate will open and close.

There are different residential gate styles for you to choose from. The available options include sliding, swing, and vertical gates. The best option for you among those choices depends on your sensibilities and your property’s layout.

Sliding gates are practical options that open and close quickly. They are also compact fixtures that can make the most of what little space you have. However, they do not compare well to the other options if you evaluate them based on appearance.

Swing gates complement classic design schemes while taking up space on large properties. They offer a sense of grandeur that other styles cannot replicate. On the other hand, these gates require more maintenance than the other options.

Vertical gates are significantly less common than their sliding and swing counterparts. Still, they are worth considering for your property if you have ample vertical clearance. A vertical gate can occupy a smaller patch of land, even relative to a swing gate.

Regardless of which gate you choose, do not forget about its maintenance requirements. Schedule regular maintenance appointments with us at Rolling Steel Industries to ensure that all components of your residential gate continue to work as intended.

The Ideal Mode of Operation for Your Residential Gate

One more factor you must consider when choosing a residential gate is its mode of operation. Your options here include installing a manual or automatic gate.

Manual gates are cheaper, but that is the only advantage they have. Electric gates have them beat in terms of convenience, security capabilities, and even impact on property value. If you are worried about how much operating an electric gate will cost, rest assured that its impact on your monthly bills is minimal.

Electric residential gates can also remain fixtures of your property for decades. According to LawnStarter, electric gates can stay in working condition for twenty years.

Motorized Driveway Gate FAQs

Metal gates are superior to their wooden counterparts in the strength department. Wrought iron gates are the best options in that regard.

Automatic gates are best suited for driveways. Installing an automatic gate lets you get in and out of your residence without leaving the driver’s seat.

The average residential gate measures somewhere between 12 to 24 feet across. The standard height for a residential gate falls in the range of 4 to 8 feet. Get a new gate that perfectly fits your property by working with us at Rolling Steel Industries!

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