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Band Spring System Rolling Steel Doors

Band Spring balance system  roll up doors and gates is are an effective  solution to security at an economical cost.  This system was engineered by Italian engineers  decades ago and has proven to be effective in security and functionality for storefronts, garages  and many other applications . This system can be used with open see through grilles or solid slatted curtains  and  can also be motorized  and operated with most accessories 

 Engineering to completion for roll up door projects for all applications including industrial, warehouses, storefronts, and parking facilities. Custom tailored and built to meet each individual clients needs.

For Energy efficiency and savings on heating and cooling costs choose our exclusive high “R” value insulated  polyurethane foam injected double steel rolling doors.

The Essential Benefits Provided by High-Quality Roll Up Doors

Roll up doors are terrific additions to business establishments. They are practical in many ways, and their benefits remain useful for a long time. Do not forget about roll up doors while seeking an effective security solution for your business.

Unless you have already relied on them before, you are likely not fully aware of the benefits steel roll up doors can deliver. You may be content to stick with the doors you have always used, reasoning that they work fine. Passing on rolling steel doors means more than missing out on their benefits. That decision also leaves your business establishment less protected than it should be.

Discover why you should switch to commercial roll up doors by continuing with the rest of this article.

The Heightened Security Only Roll Up Doors Can Provide

What do you want from the new door leading into your commercial establishment? More than anything else, you are probably seeking a fixture capable of providing top-notch security. You want it to keep potential burglars and similar threats at bay.

Because of their design, you may not see security as the main selling point. Instead, you may initially regard them as flimsy doors that do not stack up well to their more conventional counterparts in terms of providing security. We understand where that idea comes from, but it is also far from accurate. After taking a closer look at rolling doors, you will quickly see that their security capabilities are second to none.

These high-quality commercial doors rely on ingenious design to keep establishments safe. The steel slats that make up these doors interlock with each other. The interlocking feature is critical because it strengthens each slat. Even prying one slat open becomes a near-impossible undertaking because its surroundings bolster it.

The slats are not the only elements that enhance their dependability. The bottom bar also keeps the roll up door in position. It maintains the positioning of the door, so its contents are not exposed to the elements. The tight seal it forms also comes in handy against burglars.

You should also consider using roll up doors to protect your commercial establishment because they offer customizable security. Designers can account for your establishment’s specific needs and create a roll up door that fits it perfectly. No matter what security solution your establishment needs, you can count on roll up doors to provide it.

The Space-Saving Benefits of Using Roll Up Doors

Small business owners often do not have sizable establishments to work with. They must settle for what their budgets can afford because their limited resources still need to go toward other essential expenses. Because of their financial situation, many small businesses settle for using similarly small garages.

With limited space available, you cannot afford to use a garage door that occupies plenty of room. Installing that kind of door may make your commercial garage practically unusable. Your best bet in that situation involves installing roll up garage doors.

The clever construction of roll up doors allows them to provide protection without getting in the way. Whether they are opened or closed, the roll up doors take up minimal space. Use them to maximize the space inside your garage or the establishment itself.

The top and side elements of a roll up door’s frame are also designed to provide maximum space. They take up little room along the wall of your commercial establishment.

If replacing your broken door is turning into a logistical nightmare, remember that you can resolve that problem by installing a roll up door.

The Type of Protection You Get from 3-Hour Fire-Rated Roll Up Doors

Next, let’s discuss another way roll up doors can protect your commercial establishment. When it comes to fire protection, roll up doors are superior to the more conventional options.

How do rolling fire doors keep your establishment safe? They actually bolster your establishment’s fire protection in a few ways.

For starters, a fire-rated garage door can protect your establishment by stopping the spread of the flames. As long as the door is in the proper position, it should suppress the movement of flames and smoke throughout the building. That buys occupants of the establishment valuable time to escape.

You do not even need to close roll up fire doors in an emergency manually. Roll up doors designed to protect against fires must have fusible links that melt when exposed to high temperatures. When those fusible links give way, they automatically close the roll up doors.

According to the Steel Door Institute, steel roll up doors can only receive fire ratings if they meet the standards of the International Building and International Fire Codes and the NFPA 80. A roll up door’s fire rating must be compatible with the wall it is attached to for it to meet established standards. The wall’s location and how the establishment is used are additional factors considered when evaluating fire ratings.

You can also find the labels of testing agencies on approved rolling fire doors. Fire-rated roll up doors approved by UL Solutions should be high up on your list of target purchases.

Lastly, roll up fire doors can withstand the flames for a long time. Commercial buildings must have roll up doors that can last three hours in a fire.

The Versatile Qualities of Insulated Roll Up Doors

Whenever you are purchasing or installing any fixture that will affect your commercial establishment’s energy efficiency, you should always check if it is compatible with insulation. Simply put, insulation is a must-have element for those fixtures. The presence or absence of insulation can affect your commercial establishment in a few important ways.

First off, an insulated roll up door can significantly improve your property’s energy efficiency. It can mitigate unwanted heat transfer and help regulate the internal temperature of your commercial building. The insulation also complements the tight seal of the door to ensure your desired temperature is maintained.

The benefits of operating an efficient establishment carry over to your energy bills. You do not need to spend as much on HVAC usage since you are no longer losing cool or warm air through your doorways. The insulated roll up doors will lessen the need of having your HVAC system run at full blast.

Do not overlook the positive impact of insulation on roll up doors in terms of durability. The insulation is an added layer of protection that minimizes the effect of wear and tear on doorways. Insulation, by itself, will not optimize the lifespan of your roll up door, but it is still a positive contributor.

Business owners also appreciate the noise-reducing effects of insulation. The noise reduction also works both ways. It reduces the volume of noise escaping your establishment while simultaneously weakening the sounds that enter. Anything that can reduce noise in a workplace setting is always helpful and insulated roll up garage doors fit the bill.

The Remarkable Longevity of Roll Up Doors

Lastly, roll up doors are better than other options because of how long they last. Once these commercial doors are installed, you can count on them protecting your establishment for decades. According to Angi, steel doors can last over thirty years with proper maintenance. You can expect the same longevity from your commercial roll up doors.

The steel composition of roll up doors contributes to their longevity. Steel can withstand physical damage better than most other materials. The bumps and nicks that compromise the structural integrity of other materials over time do not affect steel as much.

You can also count on steel doors to hold up against the elements. Even if you get plenty of rain in your area, you can expect the steel roll up doors to stay in good condition. Remember,  make sure they receive regular care so they can last as long as possible.

Are you looking to take advantage of the durability that only steel doors can offer? Contact us at Rolling Steel Industries today and secure the best roll up door for your commercial building!

Rolling Steel Door FAQs

The difference between a roll up door and a sectional door is the way they open. Roll up doors are stored in a compartment above the door frame. Sectional doors hang over the opening when they are not in place.

Roll up doors can indeed be insulated, and it is highly recommended that you pursue that upgrade. As noted earlier in this article, insulated roll up doors make buildings more efficient, save money, and reduce noise. They also last longer than roll up doors without insulation.

The R-value of an insulated roll up door can reach 9.0. That is a strong mark for a fixture often used for garages. It is another reason you should add a roll up door to your commercial building.

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