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A Guide to Choosing the Right Roll-Up Door Parts

Rolling steel doors offer complete protection, maximize available space, and provide convenient functionality. They also require maintenance, and purchasing roll-up door parts may be part of that. Choosing the same components to replace the old parts on your commercial garage door is an option. However, you can also take the time to find superior replacements.

Numerous options are available when choosing commercial roll-up door parts. Because of that, finding the right component for your specific need is not always easy. We at Rolling Steel Industries hope to make the process more manageable for our customers by offering a wide selection of replacement components. You can also use the information in this article to make the right choice.

Selecting New Slats for Rolling Steel Doors

The slats on your rolling steel doors will not last forever. Eventually, you will need to purchase replacements that will allow your commercial garage door to provide adequate protection. Replacement slats can be quite varied. They may vary in terms of size, shape, and the presence of insulation.

So, which overhead door parts are best suited for your retail establishment?

Selecting the appropriate size for your new slats should be easy enough. Simply note the slats you currently have installed and purchase items of the same size.

Choosing the shape of your replacement slats requires a bit more consideration. The flat slats provide a neater look that works better for commercial applications. Meanwhile, curved garage door slats offer better protection against the elements. Neither option is necessarily better, but one may be more appropriate for your intended application.

Choosing between insulated and non-insulated slats will likely boil down to how much you are willing to pay. Insulated door slats tend to be more expensive initially, but they will save you more money in the long run. Those insulated slats could prove even more useful in commercial establishments that typically have HVAC systems running all day.

Weigh all those factors during the selection process, and you should have the best slats for your rolling steel doors.

Picking New Tracks for Rolling Steel Doors

Next up, let’s discuss which tracks you should look for while shopping for commercial garage door parts. The tracks are critical to the operations of your rolling steel door because movement would be impossible without them. They also help support the weight of your commercial garage door.

You might have assumed that all tracks work with all commercial garage door setups, but that is not always the case. The space available for your garage door will determine which tracks are compatible.

Standard tracks are the most versatile. If your commercial garage setup is fairly normal, you can purchase standard tracks and be confident they will work fine.

Some tracks are designed to work with the available headroom inside a garage. Low-headroom tracks position the door close to the opening, but they should still prevent unwanted contact. High-lift tracks take advantage of the spaces available to get the doors horizontal on the garage ceilings.

Business owners may also have to purchase inclined tracks out of necessity. You will need to rely on inclined tracks if your commercial garage has a vaulted ceiling or something similar. The inclined track will ensure that your garage door can still rest properly on your door when it is opened.

Your last option is to purchase a full vertical track. Full vertical tracks are rather limited in application because they require plenty of vertical clearance. They are also often used in large buildings, so you may not necessarily need them.

Getting New Springs for Rolling Steel Doors

New springs are among the replacement roll-up door parts you will need to shop for. You cannot leave old springs on your commercial garage door too long because they can compromise that fixture’s safety. A faulty spring can cause the garage door to malfunction at the wrong time, leading to an accident. Garage doors can also sustain significant damage from old springs.

Replace your springs as soon as they show signs of aging. The replacements you can buy include extension and torsion springs.

Extension springs have become less common mainly because their performance pales compared to their torsion counterparts. They are slightly cheaper than torsion springs, but that is their only real advantage.

Torsion springs are significantly safer and more consistent. You can also count on torsion springs to last longer. According to This Old House, torsion springs have a maximum lifespan of fifteen years. Extension springs will only last around twelve years at most.

Choosing New Weather Strips for Your Rolling Steel Doors

Weather strips are materials used to seal the edges of exterior doors. They are must-have accessories for commercial garage doors due to their benefits.

The weather strips bordering your commercial garage door help regulate temperature and air quality. They also prevent pests and moisture from entering that portion of your retail establishment. If you want your commercial vehicles to stay in prime condition, you should keep them safe inside your garage with the help of weather strips.

This article from the Department of Energy highlights the different types of weather strips that are currently available. As you can see, there are several options for you to choose from.

Tension seals are great for commercial garages because they are easy to install and offer high-end performance. These tension seals are also easy to hide if you do not want them affecting the appearance of your commercial garage door. Unfortunately, tension seals are compatible with all garage door types.

Magnetic seals feature comparable performance to tension seals, and they work with all garage doors. The only downside to them is the cost.

Foam tapes warrant consideration if you are looking for low-cost options. They are also easy to install. Of course, you should not count on those foam tapes keeping your garage door sealed for extended periods.

Buying New Locks for Your Rolling Steel Doors

Finally, you should check out locks while buying roll-up door parts. The importance of having secure and sturdy locks for business owners cannot be overstated. You need to have locks on your garage doors so they can provide added security and serve as deterrents.

Finding the best option for your commercial establishment can be tricky, given the number of available locks. Your best bet is to seek advice from professionals such as rolling door manufacturers and locksmiths. They can examine your commercial garage door and determine the locks that will work on it best.

You should also perform regular inspections of your locks. They are more likely to malfunction since they are frequently exposed to the elements. Replace them as soon as they start to malfunction.

Roll Door Parts FAQs

The basic parts of a roller door include the slats, tracks, springs, brackets, the bottom bar, and the drum. Optional components include weather strips and locks.

Torsion springs need adequate lubrication to stay in good condition. Lubricate the entire torsion spring except for the small segments near the winding brackets to present long-term issues.

Locks for roll up doors should be replaced when they are covered in rust or showing visible signs of damage. You should also consider purchasing a replacement if your key consistently gets stuck in the lock. Secure new locks for your roll up doors after contacting us at Rolling Steel Industries!

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