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Rolling Steel Exclusive!
See Through Polycarbonate Window Slat Grille Gate

micro-perforated grille

Logo Perforated & Design
And Pattern Perforated

Perforated slat curtains can be created in any design to provide excellent visibility security. And a unique image such as logos or script can be incorporated in the design.


Standard Open Grate Security Grilles

 A reliable and effective way to enclose your property securely, while allowing for maximum air and light passage.

European-Style Open Mesh Security Grilles

Take a look at our product sheet for more information.

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(See Why Our Grilles are the Superior Option)

European-Style Closed Mesh Security Grilles

Nearly Identical to our Open-Mesh Model, this security grille adds a simple crossbar into the grille, furthering its security as well as visual desirability.

(See Why Our Grilles are the Superior Option)

Rolling Steel Exclusive!
Polycarbonate Closed Grille

Secure Your Retail Establishment Using High-Quality Rolling Grilles

Security should never be an issue for your retail establishment. Here at Rolling Steel Industries, we offer different kinds of rolling grilles designed to maximize the security of the retail establishments that use them. They also provide additional benefits that will improve daily operations for any commercial establishment.

Every piece of security equipment can make a big difference. Whether the crime is a pervasive problem in your neighborhood or not, erring on the side of caution as a business owner is always a good idea. It is time to shore up your protection with security grilles. Learn more about the ways grilles can improve your commercial establishment by continuing with the rest of this article.

How Do Rolling Security Grilles Protect Retail Properties?

Retail shrink is a statistic that accounts for the inventory losses a business suffers over a set period due to factors such as theft, fraud, or employee errors. Entrepreneurs are always mindful of minimizing retail shrink. If you are looking to minimize the impact of retail shrink on your commercial endeavor, you should strongly consider investing in coiling grilles.

Why are security grilles so important? According to the National Retail Security Survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, theft is the main driver of retail shrink. The survey reveals that both internal and external forms of theft account for 65% of retail shrink businesses experience.

Putting up security measures designed to prevent or deter theft would be in your best interests as an entrepreneur, given that nearly two-thirds of the inventory losses businesses suffer are related to them. Adding grilles to your property will certainly help with those efforts.

New grilles can improve your establishment’s security in different ways. The key security benefits they provide are detailed below.

Grilles Keep Burglars Away

Grilles can bolster your commercial property’s security by serving as deterrents. Per this article from Arizona State University, burglars tend to enter properties through doors and windows. You can keep those entry points protected by installing rolling grilles.

Make it clear to would-be burglars that entering your property would be a nightmarish undertaking for them. Install your new grilles in visible locations so the burglars know they must deal with obstacles. Those grilles can also send the message that your establishment has more security features waiting for any criminals who would dare to steal from it.

Grilles Make Entering Your Commercial Establishment More Difficult

Burglars do not always think things through. Even with all the security measures you have in place, they may try to enter your property anyway. They are fueled by desperation and take a chance on your rolling grilles.

That decision can backfire quickly.

Security grilles do not only work as deterrents. They also serve as physical barriers that will constantly impede the progress of potential intruders. The grille will alert security personnel you have on standby to the presence of the burglar. More specifically, the loud noises the burglar produces while hitting the grilles will tell your security guards to spring into action.

Grilles Can Be Bolstered With Locks

Rolling grilles provide plenty of security. Still, you may not feel satisfied until your commercial establishment is as secure as possible. Thankfully, you can bolster your current security setup with new locks.

Choose locks that are compatible with your grilles and integrate them into your setup. Security grilles are compatible with most types of locks, so you should have no trouble finding a good addition. You can also consult grille providers to determine which locks work best with their products.

What Are the Other Benefits Provided by Rolling Security Grilles?

Rolling grilles make it easier for business owners to shore up security for their commercial properties. That benefit is undeniably the main selling point for rolling grilles, but it is not the only reason you should consider purchasing them.

Learn more about the additional benefits of coiling grilles by going through this section of the article.

Grilles Allow You to Control Foot Traffic

Big sales events can attract hordes of shoppers. When great deals are on the line, some shoppers tend to misbehave. Those unruly shoppers could end up causing a huge mess inside your store. They may even damage some of the items you have on sale.

You do not want to discourage shoppers from visiting your store, but you should do what you can to control foot traffic. Rolling grilles will help with that.

Make it easier for your employees to manage foot traffic by giving them control over the rolling grilles. Give them the option to close the entryways partially using the grilles if the customers have become difficult to manage.

Grilles Facilitate Easy Monitoring of High-Value Goods

Some items you have inside your store may be more valuable than others. Even when your store is open for business, you may need to set an additional layer of protection to keep those items safe. Grilles work incredibly well for that particular application.

You can station a security guard next to your grilles and have them keep watch over your precious goods. The security guard does not need to constantly open and close the grille to check if the items are still there. They can look through the slats to confirm they are safe.

Grilles Augment the Appearance of Your Commercial Establishment

Business owners can use different additions to enhance the security of their retail establishments. Roll-up doors, screens, and shutters are among the items you can use. Those additions have their pros and cons, but they pale in comparison to grilles in one specific department. Grilles are the only additions that improve your property’s security and appearance.

Here at Rolling Steel Industries, we have several grille options for you to choose from. You can go with the standard options to maintain an industrial look or install European-style mesh grilles to add a new element to your property’s overall design. No matter what look you want, you will find a grille option that fits your design plans.

Grilles Are Easy to Maintain

Lastly, you should also choose rolling grilles to improve your retail establishment because they are easy to maintain. You do not need to oversee your security grille’s maintenance. We at Rolling Steel Industries can provide all the maintenance services your grilles need.

Rolling Security Grille FAQs

A rolling grille is a type of movable grating that offers security while maintaining viewing access. Business owners commonly use them to protect their stores and goods.

Rolling grilles are known for being cost-effective additions. The grilles are quite affordable, and you can say the same about their installation costs. They also require less frequent upkeep, thus allowing business owners to save money on that front as well.

A security grille is a type of grating used to protect retail and commercial properties. They are usually installed over doorways, but they can also cover windows. Get new security grilles for your commercial establishment by contacting us at Rolling Steel Industries!

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